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Weekly Free Friday

Guided Meditation

every Friday, 5pm via Zoom

March 2020:


Now more than ever, we need to keep our physical and mental bodies healthy. Meditation can counter stress responses and instead, induce a relaxation response.

We know that worldwide, 1 in 14 people are already affected by anxiety. This may be increasing ever more during this uncertain time. If you feel fear or worry taking over, escalating into a downward spiral, constant ruminating or panic, if you feel like you’re the only one dealing with anxiety, especially during these uncertain times, be assured you’re not alone.

  • Through meditation, we can help familiarize ourselves with our thoughts and mental chatter.

  • Through meditation, we can learn that thoughts do not define us nor are they real.

  • Through meditation, we can become more present, to become attuned to what is being experienced.

This can all help in calming us when stress or anxiety starts to creep in.


To my students and friends, anytime you need support or a chat, I am here. Know that I am with you during this time. It is only through the darkness, that we can appreciate the stars.


▶️ Click on 'Sign Me Up' Link below
▶️ Link and password will be sent to you 10 minutes before the session.
▶️ Lie down or sit in a comfortable seat
▶️ Enjoy a fully guided meditation
▶️ If you found it beneficial for your mental health, share it with someone you know who may be suffering from anxiety at this time and may potentially gift them a moment of comfort.

Let us help one another whenever, wherever, possible. 

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